i need a girl to watch cartoons with 

and sit on my face

but not while cartoons is on. like, after cartoons is over

Serial murder?
I just said I’m bored of video games

Even gta Jordan 3:

Play video games.

Nothings fun.
I played pokemon, boring.
League is boring, I just play to be with friends at the moment.
I even tried Zelda again.

Nothing holds my interest.

I wish I knew more people.

I could go to parties or something and make more friends and do new stuff


hey… no offense.. but do you want to hold hands

Playing pool today..
I couldn’t help..

It’s a sweet memory, but.. It has a sort of.. sadness to it as well

I think it was our second date..

You put on.. d-12’s my band.

And the whole place gave us dirty looks.

And how I was so smooth showing you how to play pool, but really mostly just trying to get my arms around you..

I need to find new things to do around here. Everywhere I look there is a memory linked to you.

And sadly.. that’s not exactly good anymore.

Alchemy, philosophers stone, needing someone to hold.

Would have been much more..
Cool to see with.. someone else.